Enigma Securities is a leading, regulated cryptocurrency liquidity provider focused on electronic execution services. All our technology is developed in-house to ensure our clients get the best priced executions in cryptocurrencies on the market.

Being a liquidity provider means that we trade and manage a deep pool of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on behalf of our clients. Clients can also directly access this pool to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with us using our 24/7 API and web platform.

Enigma Securities does not make markets on exchanges. We strive to provide clients with the best possible price of execution across the globe.

We trade primarily with financial institutions including hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, as well as corporate clients. Enigma Securities does not provide its services to retail clients.

You can become a client by onboarding with Enigma Securities through the link on our website. Please be advised that, in following with AML/KYC regulation and our own corporate policy, we require all clients to pass our KYC process before providing access to our services.

We offer access to our liquidity through traditional voice/chat channels as well as via our proprietary electronic trading platform, and our REST/FIX API for those looking for direct connectivity.

Yes, we can provide interested clients a demo of the platform.

The list of coins we support is extensive, please ask us if there is a specific coin you would like to trade with us. On the fiat side we support USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CHF, SGD, and AUD.

Enigma Securities operates on a post-trade settlement basis. We do not require our clients to prefund their accounts, instead allowing them to trade up their market risk exposure limits. Settlement requests must exceed $50,000 USD and all trades are requested to be settled within 24 hours. Clients are required to settle their end of the transaction before Enigma will settle our end of the transaction.

No, Enigma never did an ICO and never participated in any ICO’s.

Enigma Securities is a privately funded company, backed by The Makor Group/Oscar Gruss & Son Inc.

No, Enigma Securities does not participate nor does it provide liquidity for ICOs.

No, we work as an agency only business and do not engage in any proprietary trading on our platform, removing any potential conflict of interest.