Innovative Technology
for Digital Asset Liquidity

We are Enigma Securities

A Message to Enigma Clients

Liquidity Solutions

  • Best-in-class OTC brokerage services in spot and, in the near future, derivatives with tailored algorithmic execution offerings
  • 24/7 proprietary trading platform for RFQ and trade reporting (demo available on request)
  • REST and FIX API access
  • Same-day settlement process

Borrowing Solutions

  • Fixed and open loan maturities
  • Flexible options on collateral to back loans
  • Seamless delivery straight to your wallet

Structuring & Advisory

  • Assistance in structuring all types of crypto trades, from the simple to the highly complex
  • Consistent collaboration with clients at every step of the way to achieve hedging and/or speculative needs
  • Micro and macro structure advisory for clients looking to enter/exit extremely large position within the crypto market

FX Solutions

  • Best-in-class deliverable FX solutions for cryptocurrency institutions
  • Execution available via API and traditional voice channels
  • 26 Fiat currencies supported to help your cryptocurrency business service the world
  • FX forward contracts for the protection of your business from the future volatility of foreign currencies


  • Highly regarded research available via subscription
  • Weekly fundamental and quantitative insights on crypto markets
  • Comprehensive monthly analysis of industry developments